Dunkin’ Brands Signs Franchise Deal to Open 17 New Restaurants

Dunkin’ Brands Group, a franchisor of quick service restaurants, said Tuesday that it has signed multi-unit store development agreements with two franchise groups to develop a total of 17 restaurants throughout Alabama and Mississippi over the next several years.

Existing franchise group, Birmingham Donut Holdings, plans to develop nine new Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in Birmingham, Alabama. The group currently operates 34 restaurants in Alabama and Florida, with the first restaurant under the new deal scheduled to open in 2017.

Lagunita Franchise Operations, a new franchisee, plans to open five new restaurants in Mobile Alabama and three restaurants in Biloxi, Mississippi. The group also acquired four existing restaurants in Mobile and one in Biloxi. The first restaurant under the new agreement is slated to open in 2018.

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