Tech Stocks Hold On For Moderate Gain

Technology stocks rose on Friday, with shares of tech companies in the S&P 500 posting a 0.3% gain this afternoon.
In company news, Twitter (TWTR) shares were hanging on for a moderate gain on Friday after microblogging firm confirmed earlier reports it is considering adding a premium subscription service through Tweetdeck, its customized dashboard helping users keep track of lists, searches and other activities.

In a statement to AFP today, the company said it has been surveying users this week about whether they would be willing to pay $4.99 per month to use a more powerful Tweetdeck, telling the French news service it was seeking “to assess the interest in a new, more enhanced version of TweetDeck.”

Twitter executives have long sought ways to better monetize the popular message board as well as keeping pace with other social networking platforms. “This premium tool set will provide valuable viewing, posting, and signaling tools like alerts, trends and activity analysis, advanced analytics, and composing and posting tools all in one customizable dashboard,” the Twitter statement continued.

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